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Name: Biondino
Comment: Big Star Records in Wimbledon, just opposite where the cinema used to be. Run by Smiling Man and Frowning Woman (was she really Sonic Boom's other half? I'd wager no, but they did have an impressive Spacemen 3 section). And they once accidentally sold me Yerself is Steam by Mercury Rev, on coloured vinyl no less, for the price of a 12". I miss them a lot.

Name: Andrew Macleod
Comment: I remember Big Star Records. The chap who ran it was very friendly.

Prior to opening Big Star (I’m guessing it was about 1986?) the owner used to work at The Notting Hill Record and Tape Exchange in Pembridge Road

Name: Kolin Hughes
Comment: I was interviewed by Stephen Ames at the Wigan shop to be an assistant manager. Virgin Records took over the shop, I worked in the branch in Warrington. The big release at the time was Grace Jones' Slave To The Rythmn




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