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When I was younger I used to go with my mother to Biba's on Kensington High St. They had a great record department with comfy chairs and fancy leather headphones and they let me listen to whatever I wanted (Yes and Wishbone Ash, probably) for as long as I wanted - knowing I couldn't afford to buy anything. Likewise, the original Virgin shop which was above a shoe shop at the bottom of Oxford Street. That was exciting because they sold bootlegs more or less openly, which to me at the time was the absolute height of coolness that any record shop could aspire to. Comment: Adam Blake

Clsong down sale at Bibia's in 1975 as the sounds of the Manhatten Transfer crooning ' I don't know why I love you but I do' drifted form the art-deco speakers , the true devotes of Biba were left, shell shcoked by the devastation. In the armchair booths, where you sit and lsiten to records, it was reported young men and women sat, oblivious of the chaos around them in a sort of suspended aamination.

Me too!! My mum used to take us to Biba's and I remember that giant turntable!! Comment: Lelia Prowse




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