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This department store drew customers in from far and wide and made Leytonstone a decent shopping centre. I don't know when it closed (it looked long gone by the time I moved there in 1989) and a MacDonald's drive-in now occupies the site. Comment: Mark Griffiths.
This was an amazing store as a child, it had the best Santa that was a must see for anyone in the area. Have not been back there for years but this is a great memory. A decade ago I passed through Leytonstone and its changed beyond belief (not in a good way)

Mark Lusty

My mum worked at Bearmans in the haberdashery dept when she first left school agree with Mark Lusty. Visiting Santa at Bearmans was amazing as a kid. We happened to go one year just as Santa was arriving at the store. They did such a good job
I remember being shown to our seats for the journey to see Santa. It was like we were on a tube train (although we were inside the store) you could see outside the windows and it was as if we were going really fast through space!
I wish I had a video to show people, but this was over 50 years ago! Absolutely wonderful! When Bearmans closed, Leytonstone lost its appeal sadly
Julir Schier


Janet Ferguson
06 Nov 2023 at 03:38
I worked at Bearmans in the display department from 1975 to 1979 (not sure off exact dates).
When I was there my name was Janet Bowman. I remember Miss Blackwall and Mr Chessman as the manament. There was 9 of us in the display team Shirley, Sheila, Sally-Ann, Lynn, Sandra, Ann, Julie, Sally.
There also was a ticket office on the roof where they printed there window price tickets and silkscreened the posters.
Christmas was great fun putting together father's grotto and ride (I also remember that when I was a child).
Would be interested to hear if anyone else has the same memories of this time.
Dave Harwood
04 May 2024 at 01:55
There is an article about Bearman's department store at this link:
... that says: "People from all over east London flocked to Bearman’s, buying a wide range of products, including vinyl records, toys and clothes."
Bill Soane
02 Jul 2024 at 05:42
I worked in the hardware department in the basement
around 1964 Mrs Rowlands was dept head and Miss Childs was head of personnel.I went out with two girls, Valerie Taft and Jane Sutton.
it was a great atmosphere and a joy to work there.



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