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Bayes Recordium started above Bayes TV in St James Street in1957. We moved to Tower Street in 1963 to our own shop. Above this shop we had a recording studio where almost all local (and not so local) groups recorded. We had records made which were sold in the shop and buy the groups. In 1973 we moved to Broad Street (when the iconic orange/black bags first appeared).
We sold the business in 1997 having been going for 40 years.
Some of the bands that recorded at 6 Tower Street include:
The Sabres (went on to Top Ten Club in Hamburg)
The Tea Time Four (included Boz Burrell later of Bad Company & Fats Dean of Brian Auger)
Danny Ford and The Offbeats
Red Squares (from Boston) – had one or two releases on Columbia
The Devil’s Coachmen
To name a few. Comment Bob & Janet BoothWell. Saturday job in key markets. 4.63 cash and straight to bayes to spend 3.00 on an album. Hawkwind thin lizzy happy days. Comment: Stuart C.

(Jan 20, 2013) Adrian Brown said:I spent most if not all of my teenage pocket money in here starting with Adam and the Ants through Frankie goes to Hollywood and all their mixes to my more refined adult choices.Bayes always had the best Jazz selection in the town and always the best service and price.Sadly missed .

(Sept 10, 2012) Edward said:Both please and suprised to find Bayes on here. I think I can just about rememver it before it moved to Broad Street and I certainly remember my regular saturday visits ; especially to look at the Electric Ladyland cover.

I believe I brought Patti Smith's Gloria on a 12 " from there in 77. For some reason it had a brown paper bag as a sleeve. As it happens I saw Ms Smith play it @ End of the Road two weeks ago.

(Dec 29, 2014) I also still have a copy of the single / ep they recorded . It's a bit rough and my dad ( Nick Carter) had to sing on most of the tracks , as les garner ( danny ford ) was ill on the day of the recording. Comment: Sam Carter.

Name Metal Mickey Comment: I bought my first ever 7" in the Tower Street shop - "Wig Wam Bam" by The Sweet - and even listened to it first in one of the booths... happy days! I'm trying to think how much it would have cost... 25p perhaps, or maybe 49p? (April 13, 2017)

I remember buying my music from all your shops when I was at school .I think my father new you Roy Spencer .I am on a bus now just thinking about the old days soon about to get a flight out . I would spend all my pocket money in your shop . I found it interesting seeing this web site .aThank you Ross.
Ross Spencer

I worked at Bayes briefly in the 80s with Bob, Janet, Sarah, Jayne, and Lisa. It felt like the coolest job in town. I remember the listening booth and selling some of the first hip hop albums, Streetdance, Grandmaster Flash, as well as early Madonna, Frankie and NOW 5. Saw the arrival of the first CDs. I’m not sure I was a great shop assistant, but Bayes gave me a lifelong love of music and records. Thanks folks.
Jonny Croose


Dave Harwood
26 Sep 2023 at 08:29
I found an advert in the ‘Lynn Advertiser’ dated 6th September 1957:
... and another advert dated 9th May 1967: “THE LATEST SOUNDS • EASY BROWSING • FRIENDLY ADVICE • ALL MAKES OF RECORDS • FAST ORDERING SERVICE. Come and see us at BAYES RECORDIUM, 6 TOWER STREET, KING'S LYNN. Telephone 2364.” ... and also a classified ad dated 22nd January 1974: “BAYES RECORDIUM have a vacancy for a YOUNG LADY 16-18 to sell records. Apply: BAYES RECORDIUM, 26 Broad Street, King's Lynn. Tel. 3996.”
Neil Kingsbury
05 Dec 2023 at 01:34
Was picked by Bob to work at "Bayes" during my termly holidays while I was at Polytechnic 1992-1993.What an experience: I felt like a local rock star. Bob was a top boy! If anybody has any contact info for Bob/Robert or Janet Booth please contact me.
Linda Harris (Asker)
19 Dec 2023 at 08:35
I was lucky enough to work at Bayes in the 70’s and it was without doubt the best job I ever had. Music playing all day, pop stars popping in as well, what’s not to love! Bob and Janet Booth were the best bosses ever. I’m in my 60’s now but remember those day’s with extreme fondness. While working there I recall visits from The Real Thing and Robbie Williams. How I’d love to go back in time to those days and appreciate them more.



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