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Worked not far from the Leather Lane branch so I knew this shop for 26 yrs. They were cheaper than most..staff were a bit grumpy. I never knew the Peckham branch existed. Comment: Peter Le Faucheur
(Oct 24, 2013) Anonymous said:Barry Paul has passed away he will be missed by jim Ali and Tom skinner a true gent.
(March 20, 2015) I bought a copy of Big Youth and Dennis Brown's 'Ride On, Ride On, on Harry J from here out of their cut-out Reggae 45s box (probably about 25p). Must have been 1975.I never knew that the shop was Barry Paul until I saw this picture (I remember the lean-to entrance bit). Comment: Mark Griffiths.
Barry Paul was an absolite gent, I bought records from him regularily at Leather Lane and East Street. If I was ever short on cash to buy, he would always say pay me when you can boy. Likes of these record dealers never to be seen again

From the early Eighties into the mid Nineties (until it closed, I can’t remember when) I used to go to Barry Paul in Leather Lane each every ten days or so. Barry himself used to sit on a stool, at the back behind the counter. His wife worked behind the counter as did their son. It was a large shop – double-fronted, with a dividing wall down the middle which ended before the counters: there was a long counter at the full width of the shop. CDs and pre-recorded VHS tapes were on the right shop side of the wall, records on the left. One of the main draws was selling blank cassettes more cheaply than anywhere else, and I got masses there. It was also – quite obviously – a chart return shop. Obvious as all those double singles, cheap 12-inch singles, picture discs and so on were on sale there when they weren’t in other shops on release day, and sometimes before release day I got two of the split Jesus Lizard/Nirvana single there. A great general shop. Barry himself was gruff but friendly, in a market-stall holder way.
Kieron Tyler

I remember the shop Barry Paul when I was young boy.
I didn't realize this Barry Paul because records meant nothing to me me in those days.
If I'm mistaken this is Choumert Rd - the market was on this street going towards Thomas Carlton School.
Tok Marty

I used to work at Barry Paul Records on a Saturday and during school holidays. Sometimes would help out at Leather Lane.
I remember the cassette racks well as used to carry them out of back room and lift onto wall. Many a time I was standing outside under the covered area looking for dodgy people who Barry was convinced were eyeing up the stock. Could be grumpy.
Worked there between 74 to 78.
Paul Bartley


Paul Brown
09 Jun 2023 at 12:24
Loved Barry and the guys in the shop and on the stall. I worked there in the 70’s with Alan, Paul and the gang. Great laugh but you worked hard. We used to rib Barry about selling MFP titles by Max Bygraves and he loved selling Klaus Wunderlich records, as it was a challenge sometimes. My memories include my first day , when I rocked up in Leather Lane and Barry asked me my Name. “Paul” I replied. “You can’t be Paul as we have one already. You can be Jimmy…ok?”
For the next two years I was Jimmy everyday at work. When I was off work on Sunday I would see Barry , Pam and Con in East Street and say hello and he always shouted “Alright Jimmy” with a wry smile on his face. Lovely fella. Sadly missed.



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