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Bannister & House was apparently run by a Mr Ward, and they also had an electrical business in the town.

Name: Sylvie Ottewell (née Ward)
Comment: I was looking at pictures of the old Palace Cinema in South Street, and wondered if there were any of my father's business, Bannister and House. My father was Ted Ward. I worked there in the shop at weekends and just before I left to go to Bath to train as a nurse. I used to see the people queuing for the pictures on a Saturday afternoon, and I used to go as well, 9d (that's old money), most of my pocket money in those days!


Mike Davis
01 Oct 2023 at 10:06
Hi. I remember your Record shop with great affection in fact I spent my first weeks wages from the SWEB on a Shadows LP in there. I think I went to Weymouth College on a Thursday with your Brother whose name unfortunately escapes me but I do remember visiting his home up the road beside the Post office and on the right hand side. Hopefully my memory has served me well and I have certainly enjoyed the memories this has stirred. Mike



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