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Co-owners Keiron , Pete Herbert & Nic Rapaccioli

The shop ran from early '94 till march 2001 and like most others had to close due to landlords exorbitant rent increase..

(March 22, 2015) Atlas records in Archer St, has always prided itself on the outstanding service to the DJ and general musical community. It has been a favoured haunt for most of the vinyl and music junkies of London town and DJ's who come in from abroad. Of all the shops in town, Atlas was certainly the friendliest and most sociable. It also covered the most bases!
by Alan.D.Brown

"It's very, very sad that my favourite shop has closed - Atlas Records. That was a nightmare for me, somebody told me today that Atlas was closed and I was like, "Oh s***", because Peter was my favourite man in London - such good taste and always nice records from underneath the counter, special ones for me, and that was perfect. Alex Jazzanova

"I used to like Atlas in Archer Street, but they closed down - that was a shame because it was a really good shop".
Gilles Peterson


02 Dec 2023 at 07:46
My second home, after Fat Cat vanished from Covent Garden! Was delighted to find John from Fat Cat working at Atlas. John was a living, breathing, encyclopedia of excellent Electronic music. Extremely knowledgeable and helpful & one of the nicest blokes you could ever meet. One of London's best specialist music shops of the era for sure.



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