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Former EMI rep and well-known Birmingham retailer Andy Cash has died at the age of 56. Cash started off in the music industry at the Tempest record store in Birmingham in the mid Seventies. He moved to EMI as a rep in 1978, before starting his first store, Andy Cash Records, in Erdington in 1980. The company grew to three stores at its peak, with Cash becoming a well-known figure in the Midlands and among record company reps. However, the fall in physical sales, particularly among the DJs who made up the bulk of his custom, meant that Cash was forced to cut back, with the last of his three stores closing in 2007. Dave Williams, who first met Cash 50 years ago in school and eventually helped him to open his first store, says that he was “like an English gent." “He was a record man really,” he adds. “He had a good knowledge as well as being good with the customers, getting on with people.”

Steve Carroll (stretch) 21 June, 2010I spent a lot of time at at Andy Cash and bought a fair few tunes from there and as I pulled out vinyl whilst djing over the weekend I was stopped in my tracks by the ones that had the yellow Andy Cash price tags still on them.. Rest in peace




115 High Street Erdington / Birmingham

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