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Dave Harwood
23 Sep 2023 at 02:37
I found an advert in the ‘Daily Telegraph & Courier (London) dated 6th November 1905:
“ALFRED HAYS BEGS TO ANNOUNCE that, in view of the steadily-increasing demand for Gramophones and Records by the great Singers and Instrumentalists, he has arranged to open a Gramophone Showroom at Old Bond Street. ALFRED HAYS has made special arrangements with the Factory of the Gramophone and Typewriter, Ltd., whereby all the latest and most artistic records of such Artistes as Signor CARUSO, Signor DE LUCIA, Signor SCOTTI, Signor ANCONA, Mr. EDWARD LLOYD, Mr. JOHN HARRISON, Mr. ANDREW BLACK, Mr. PLUNKET GREENE, will always be in stock."
... and another advert in the ‘Daily Telegraph & Courier (London) dated 13th November 1905:
“ALFRED HAYS, 26, OLD BOND STREET, the West End Entertainment Bureau, BEGS to announce enormous demand for Melba Gramophone Records, the following numbers are in stock, and can be supplied at once. Alfred Hays' New Gramophone Saloon is open to all the music-loving public. Ten inch Melba Records (12/8d each).”



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