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Dave Harwood
22 Sep 2023 at 04:55
I found an advert in the ‘Nottingham Evening Post’ dated 25th November 1976:
“RECORDS Pre-Christmas Bargain Classical record sets at Special Prices — Alex Scott (Music) Ltd. 95 Mansfield Rd. Nottingham.”
Dave Harwood
23 Sep 2023 at 02:04
I found an article in the ‘Nottingham Guardian’ dated 8th November 1968:
“Nottingham’s record specialists Alex Scott Music Ltd and Centre for Records is situated at 95 Mansfield Road and has been there for the past four years.”
... and also an advert in the ‘Nottingham Evening Post’ dated 9th December 1976:
“ALEX SCOTT (MUSIC) LTD, CLASSICAL RECORDS and a whole lot more, JAZZ, FOLK MUSIC & POPULAR. 95 Mansfield Road, Nottingham. Tel 47965.”



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