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TW Records. TW Records was the place for all your punk 7" - I clearly remember the frisson when seeing the display for Wayne County and the Electric Chairs (you will, I'm sure, fill in the title of that one). think TW Records gets a mention in Keith's book as an early source for their blues record collecting.

TW Records, Eh? That was next door to Norman Toyes, the fishing Tackle store. I bought Selling England By The Pound there, when it came out. It had a BIG window display all to itself, with huge cutouts of the sleeve and images thereof. I have a memory of looking through the window one night at the cover picture and seeing it all lit up, and being enthralled by it. I knew I had to buy it. So I did. I took it home, and loved it right from the opening lines, which of course we all know and love. I still do.

(Feb 6, 2013) Brian said:The Erith store had a purple paper mache ceiling of stalagtites, today it would look crap but in the 70's it just made the shop more awesum.

(Jan 14, 2016) I opened my first TW Records in 1965 and closed the last shop at Erith in 2005.
Great times,it's a shame records shops had to close. Comment:Ray Sams.

( Feb 20, 2016) I have happy memories of TW Ray and his wife were a one off alway helpful and went the extra mile. I bought most of my records there at the Plumstead branch very happy days.Ray had a great car can't remember exactly what it was but very nice. Comment: Ada Clow

Name Cathy Hawkins Comment Very happy memories of Erith TW records. I was the "Saturday girl" between 1974 and 1977. Loved it! ( Oct 10. 2016)

Always bought my records from the Plumstead branch of TW Records remember Dianne and Ray ,Such a shame that record shops close ,Good times ,Good memories.
Arron Capel

At the age of 7, I bought my first record at the Bexleyheath branch of TW Records. My 50p EMI record voucher got me Queen's 'Killer Queen'. My first album, Queen's 'A Day At The Races' came from there too. And I'm sure my first CD, a Greatest Hits compilation by .....I'm sure you've detected a theme here, also came from TW Records. Thank you Ray for supplying me with the soundtrack to my life as I grew up in Barnehurst. The shopping centre in Bexleyheath was never the same for me after all the early 80s building work and the loss of your shop there.
Steve Bishop

I used to live not far from the Plumstead shop and being a poor student would usually walk home from Woolwich College (instead of getting the bus) and would pass the TW shop but would always stop and see what was on offer in the window.

At this time (1975), I was starting to put together a decent hi-fi system and I can remember going into TW to ask the price of a Shure V15 cartridge (which was the top model in their range and which I was saving up for).

The lady behind the counter said she'd find out so I went back in a couple of days later and they quoted me about £60. At the time, places like Comet and others were selling them for about £35-40 so I didn't order one - as the £20 difference was a lot back then !!
But I did buy a brand new Elton John album there for £1.99 !
Tim O'Malley

Spent many school lunch times in the Bexleyheath branch in the mid/late 70's, remember Mark ? and Ray clearly (Ray always seemed tanned!); especially when CB radio was all the rage...asteroids game; Dark Side of the Moon cardboard advert in the window...brilliant days. Toyes Tackle next door with a young Mark Barnett at the counter.
Angus Robins

My dad used to visit TW Records SE18 in the 70's. I started buying many Elvis records there and met Gary Bell, a local Elvis fan, who died 2007.It was Diane who mainly served me and sometimes another assistant.I also visited there Erith and Bexlyheath shops, never the one in Longfield.
Still have some of the carrier bags.
Great times. Mark
Mark Riviers

With woolworths selling the popular chart music cheaper 1983ish 99p/ £1.99 7 & 12" singles TW Records £1.10/£2.20 it was a rare visit,I did buy New order Blue monday, confusion, thieves like us 12s from there though. They did stock rare hip hop but again at uptown prices,sometimes I got a reduced bargain but waited quite a while for it to go down in price. I remember the top 75 charts pinned to the door,window displays,purple roof,arcade machines,i did find the staff a bit snotty or even disinterested when asking about certain music or ordering something in. Saying that what I would give to go back in time 1980s to just peruse through the record racks one more time.

Alex Davidson (2023)


Ann Woon
10 Feb 2024 at 09:09
I worked in TW Records Bexleyheath for many years, during the 80’s & 90’s (took over from Mark when he left) and was there right up to when the shop closed due to redevelopment, many happy memories, great musical times, sadly missed



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