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It has been suggested that Steve Strange worked here? The Curator

This was my favorite record shop between 1976 and 1984. I used to pop up there from work at St James Park and bought stacks of LPs there. Many were "promo" copies, stamped in gold on the back with "Property of CBS Records" or similar. Very attractive prices (£2.99 for a new relaease) A small place and Steve himself was an aimiable soul... just interested in moving stock. The shop survived well into the 1990's moving into CDs but rising rents did for Steve in the end. Love this site !
I was a regular here in the 1980s. The proprietor was Steve Spencer - a name I remember because I wrote him so many cheques. Of the other staff I do not recall anyone as exotic as Steve Strange.
Steve CANT

My friends and I were regular visitors to Steve's sounds. The only place you could pick up chart albums for about a tenner in the 1990s. (The likes of Tower and Virgin often charged £13 to £17 or so). Of course, sometime in the following decade Tesco's started selling chart albums for £10. You no longer had to get the train to Victoria, and then the tube to Leicester Sq to make a special visit. You could just walk to the bottom of whatever road you lived in and visit any one of their 10,000 branches nation wide. A few years later you didn't even need to leave your house - just order online at Amazon.
The world is ever changing. Yet sometimes I wish it was still the 1990s.
Rob S

I used to shop here! Loved the place! The first place you could get a new release CD for only £10. You wondered how they did it, with the nearby tower records, hmv, our price, et all, charging several pounds more per disc. Once Tescos started selling CDs for a tenner (and later less) the writing was on the wall. Everyone could get the bargains at the bottom of their road, no need to get the train into central London to do so. Oh... memories!

Rob Spencer

I remember going to Steve's in the 80s.Bought quite a few Metal and Rock gems in there. Sadly missed, along with the magnificent Shades Records.
Glen Beasley.

Steve Spencer was a very amiable character. I spent hundreds in there and maybe even thousands! I recall his Dad had a small electrical shop in Newport Court and Steve opened up a record shop next to it. I recall mid 70s.In fact I remember being in the shop when John Lennon's killing came on the radio. A punter came in shortly afterwards and wanted to buy all his John Lennon albums. Steve was not impressed and told him to get out of the shop in no uncertain terms. I recall Steve was a fervent even Arsenal supporter as well. He later opened two shops opposite the original one and in the 80s a flower shop called The Wild Bunch, I also recall one Valentines day he was pushed to deliver all the Valentines Day bouquets and I gave him a hand in delivering them. The guys working for him were also very amiable Two of them were brothers who came up from Woking, The shop was amazing.
Terry Redpath

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20 Newport Court, Soho WC2H 7PR City of London / London

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