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Recall vividly One Stop in S Moulton, and The Phonograph in Soho Square. In the late 60s/early 70s both shops were regular haunts, hunting down US imports. I'd start with The Phonograph, then walk along Oxford St to One Stop. Regular visits to both trailed off when Branson opened his import shop (over the shoe shop) in Oxford St. Comment: Mike Abbott.

It was owned by Musicland but we were known for ordering imports - I started working there in about September of 1970 , I remember American Beauty by the Dead was a big event ! We'd go to the Speakeasy at night - I managed the place for a while There a couple of hookers that worked up stairs and Strip club on the left of our front door-Fun times - I dont remember when it closed maybe 1972 . Best Mark Hayter (2020)




4 Soho Street W1D 2EH City of London / London

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