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Lincoln Memories

I remember the secondhand record store near the Jolly Brewer in Lincoln. It was there until the mid-eighties if not a bit longer. I'm not sure when it opened perhaps the late '70s but I suspect the very early 80s. Mostly bargain stuff but they did get have a smattering of rarities. I think the one on Monks Road may have been a different one and predated this one. There was a short lived record store down the bottom end of the High St(on football ground side)the stock levels were sparse compared to others. The owner had some past association with Gliderdrome in Boston as remember him telling me a tales of seeing the Jimmy Page version of the Yardbirds there - not sure when, very early '80s and perhaps was not there two years. There was also a largish second hand shop in the same area but on the other side with a large record section. There was The Rediffusion Shop on the corner of Tentercroft St and the High St near the bus station and hence was a good stopping off place before heading home. It was like Spouges and sold electrical goods in the front and the records were at the back. It was quite atmospheric and a definate hark back to the past. If memory serves it was the last shop in Lincoln to have working listening booths. It had a great bargain bin, which again if memory serves again was a roundular in the middle of the shop. I'm not sure when it closed it was still there in the late '70s as I recall picking up 'Wreckless Eric' 10" on brown vinyl there. One abiding memory is buying the Kinks single 'Apeman' from the aforementioned bargain bin. Russell Smith 

Your help is needed research into the past and present record stores in Lincoln over the past 40 plus years.